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I heard about Democko Chiropractic from a friend. I had gotten into a car accident with my children and had experienced mid back, upper back, neck, bilateral shoulder(mainly my right) pain. I had not gotten any medical attention prior to coming to Democko Chiropractic. After  couple weeks, I began to feel relief and decrease in pain. The staff is wonderful and caring. They are really friendly and professional. I would recommend Democko Chiropractic to everyone.---C. Garrett

I had a car accident and came to see Dr. Democko. My family knew of his office and suggested I go see him. I was experiencing stiffness and soreness, swelling and sharp pain. I could not bend or sit for long periods of time. I had went to the hospital after my accident but was still experiencing pain. Dr. Democko's office has the best care and they are caring and loving. They show appreciation and hospitality for their patients. I would recommend them to everyone I know who has been in an accident or anything else.---M. Faison

 I heard about Democko Chiropractic from the yellow pages. I had low back and mid back pain. I had pain, fatigue, and was unable to perform daily activities comfortably. I had less pain and was able to perform my daily activities after I started treatment. I also began to sleep better. I did not see anyone before coming to see Dr. Joe. I would recommend people I know to come to this office because the office staff and doctors are wonderful and would be able to help them. I would like to add that Democko Chiropractic is a wonderful and helpful office.---B. Hobbs

I heard about Democko Chiropractic from a friend. I had numbness in both feet and back pain. I had severe pain in bilateral legs and numbness and inability to ambulate without assistance. I had gotten 3 epidural shots before seeing Dr. Democko's office. I began to see results on the first day of treatment. I had more flexibility and I could walk with out a cane. If I had a friend or family member, I would tell them that Dr. Democko's office is a great place. Therapy will get you back to living your life without surgery. The staff is wonderful and I had great results. Thank God they were there for me when no one else would assist me.---W. Sanders

 I read about Dr. Joe's office in the Goldsboro News Argus. I came in with Lower back pain. I was not able to stand or sit for more than 30 seconds because of my lower back pain. I used cold packs and heat packs, pills, and even a suggestion of surgery before coming to see Dr. Joe. Immediately after seeing Dr. Joe on the "Decompression" bed, I was able to sit and stand longer with the more treatment I received. My life was finally beginning to return to normal. I don't think it is so much wheat I could tell them but what I could show people I know that may need treatment. The treatment I received from Democko Chiropractic is very professional, thorough and very caring. I would like to add that you not only received treatment but you learn more how important the spine and back alignment is to physical health.---W. Barbour

My secretary referred me to Dr. Democko's office. I was experiencing lower back pain. I had surgery, steroidal epidurals and chiropractic treatment before going to see Dr. Democko. I had finally gotten relief after I started treating with him. I can now exercise more freely now.---J. Harry

When I came to see Dr. Joe at Democko Chiropractic I had been walking with a cane almost the entire 23 1/2 years since my original debilitating brain injury accident. I was diagnosed with a closed head injury by a doctor at Duke University Medical Center. I had to stay there for six weeks and with a series of x-rays. In a matter of minutes Dr. Joe showed me a curved spine and neck. I made a statement jokingly that I'm surprised that I wasn't walking humped over. Now after just about 24 years of being "handicapped", I'm back being an athlete like I love at Gold's Gym. Thanks Dr. Joe. Chiropractic service is the "power that made you, has the power to heal you." So without a doubt thank you God. He worked through Dr. Joe's hands to heal me. If you have had major whiplash like mine or minor neck pain, please do yourself a favor come to see Democko Chiropractic on Ash St. in Goldsboro, NC. I also want to thank Mayor Al King for telling me to go to Democko Chiropractic. This is just great. It is almost unbelievable.---S.Hall

I heard about Democko Chiropractic from the radio and my cousin. I treated there due to an automobile accident from which I had neck and back pain. It was sore and stiff. I had not received any treatment prior to coming to his office. Once I started treatment, I could relax more and had less pain and stiffness. I can sleep better now and turn my neck without any pain. I would refer my friends and family to see them and in fact I have already referred some. I would also like to add that the staff is very pleasant and I never had to wait to get my treatment. I always got in and out. I would like to say Thank you so much and God Bless you all!! L. McFarland

Democko Chiropractic was referred to me by my friend. I was having headaches and sinus pressure and I couldn't breathe thru the left side and no drainage. I had received sinus surgery and continuous treatment for sinus infections. After my treatment in their office, I began to breathe thru the left side. I felt relief from the sinus pressure. I can breathe freely and smell which is something I couldn't do before. I would tell everyone what a GREAT chiropractic office they are and I would refer anyone there. The staff is AWESOME! W.Ginn

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After my visits to his office, I had more mobility and less pain. I was not able to move around without worrying of falling before I started with care here. I would tell anyone that needs some relief to go get some help-Don't try to live with the pain.

D. Youngs

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